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Clear Comfy Confident Complexion


Montego Brown Skincare is uniquely designed to reduce the appearance of unwanted skin issues such as dark spots, dry patches, and uneven skin tone. 

Made with tropical fruit extracts and herbs from the Caribbean, these plant-based ingredients have generationally proven benefits to improve your skin—Formulator Approved.

The 3 C's

When it comes to skincare, we cover the 3 c’s that everyone wants their complexion to be: clear, comfy, and confident. 



Clear, glowing & youthful complexion


Lightweight skincare made with safe ingredients


When you look great, you feel great

Montego Brown Skincare


Professionally formulated in small batches for effectiveness & freshness. The plant-based ingredients we use are found in nature and not made in a lab.

Good Vibes

Our products are made with natural & organic ingredients. No toxins, parabens, silicone, palm oil, GMOs, SLS & synthetic colours. Safe & gentle for your skin.

The 3 C's

Melanin-rich skin has a harder time getting rid of dark spots & blemishes. Our products are specially designed to leave you with clear, comfy & confident skin.

Eco Friendly

We only use recyclable packaging, reusable glass bottles, and biodegradable protective paper to wrap and secure every order for shipping.